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Parade UPDATES 2024

Thank you Times Herald for reporting the updates to our parade route this year and other important details. Please stay tuned to and our club's social media for news, tickets and other updates:

What about the rest of Boat Week?

Official activities kick off on Wednesday, July 17, with the Rotary International Day Parade.

Keely Baribeau, a Rotary spokesperson, said the parade committee has begun to meet, and that this year’s theme was “All Hands On Deck – A Century of Sailing.”

It was expected to begin around the usual time and place at 6:30 p.m. around Glenwood Street before heading south through downtown. However, this year, Baribeau said the route wouldn’t be quite as long, ending at Court Street.

Casey Harris, owner of Casey’s Pizza, had also been designated this year’s parade grand marshal, she said.

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